Publications, Galleries, Awards

Over the years, I've been honored multiple time to have my photographs published, hung in galleries, and more.  Here's a highlight of some of those times.


2023 Westmoreland County Photo Contest - First Place, Places

This Photo ("Gazebo Photo") was selected as the first place photo in the Westmoreland County Photo Contest in honor of Westmoreland County's 250th anniversary.

Scenic Southwest PA 2023 - Scenic Rivers and Waterways Second Place

This photo ("Colorful Park Afternoons") was the second place photo of the 2023 Scenic Southwest PA photo contest in the Scenic Rivers and Waterways category.

Tamron Fall Colors 2022 VIP Contest

This photo was the a runner up of the 2022 Tamron Fall Colors VIP contest!  The guest judge, Lisa Langell, had this to say about the photograph:

“This image is so creatively done. I love the way the hands hold the crystal ball—and how the house and fall color really shines through so beautifully in the reflection. The touch light that bounces off the finger adds a magical sparkle. The lighting, the beautiful bokeh and the perfect amount of negative space come together to make this a very compelling image. It’s unique, well-executed, and playful." 

Scenic Southwest PA Fan Favorite 2022

This photo was the winner of the 2022 Scenic Southwest PA Fan Favorite voting!  Thank you to all who voted for me!

"Blue and Gold Forever"

2022 Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce Calendar

Perspective, the cover photo of the 2022 Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce calendar.  It was selected in a contest of amateur and professional photographer submissions.

2019 Robert's Night Gallery

Song Slides Home, one of the 20 images selected for the 2019 Roberts Gallery Night photo gallery at Roberts Camera in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Pittsburgh Union Progress

The Pittsburgh Union Times wrote an article about the Carnegie Mellon Tartans Football team and included a photograph of mine.  You can check it out here.

ACTIV-6 Research Project

The ACTIV-6 research project is based out of the University of Pittsburgh.  They have utilized photos of mine that show what life was like during the COVID-19 pandemic.  More information about ACTIV-6 can be found on their website.

Annual CMU Athletics Report

Carnegie Mellon Athletics released their first annual report of all things Tartans.  They utilized several of my photos, including the cover image.  A selection of the photos included are in the slideshow.  The full report can be read here.

Pittsburgh Sports Now

A local sports magazine used one of my photos of Carnegie Mellon's new head coach.  You can read the article here.

Various College Athletic Sites

When teams visit Carnegie Mellon, I sometimes have the privilege of photographing the visiting team and sending photos to the school.  I've been included in story articles and other galleries, such as this one from Middleburry Women's Tennis.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

One of my photos of Carnegie Mellon' s head football coach, Rich Lackner, was included in an online story from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Behind a pay-wall).

The Piper Weekly

I've had images included in the weekly Carnegie Mellon Faculty/Staff newsletter that circulates around all of CMU.  A few of these images can be seen here.

The Tartan

I've had several images included in the sports section of The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon University's student ran newspaper.

The included image was my first image that was included in the paper, November 2018.  I continue to have images included to this day.

Hot Metal Bridge Magazine

My first ever publication came at the now defunct Hot Metal Bridge Magazine while I was a student at Pitt.  This image, simply called Sunset, sparked a tradition for several years where I would return to this bench every year on the anniversary that the photo was taken and snap a new picture.


Carnegie Mellon Staff Art Exhibit 2022

During the 2022 CMU Staff Picnic, I had the photograph to the left included in the Staff Art Exhibit in the Cohon University Center.

Banners at the Highmark Center for Health, Wellness and Athletics

I have several photos on banners surrounding the construction site for the new Highmark Center for Health, Wellness, and Athletics on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University.