People ask me all the time what equipment I use for photography.  Here's a brief rundown of some of the more important equipment I use.  Not all of my equipment is included on this list, just the pieces I use regularly.

Canon Cameras

Tamron Lenses

Canon Lenses

GoPro Hero 8

I use a GoPro Hero 8 black to capture behind-the-scenes and other content, usually for Instagram Reels or highlight videos.

I upgraded to this GoPro from a Hero 5 Session.

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Windows PCs

I use a variety of PCs for my day-to-day usage.  I custom built a PC that serves as my main machine.  I use an HP Pavilion Gaming laptop for on-the-go editing, and a Microsoft Surface Pro for sideline editing.

Adobe Software

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TopazLabs Software

Western Digital Hard Drives

The storage that a person uses is important.  I trust my long term storage to Western Digital.  I have several Western Digital hard drives that are used to manage my collection of photos and backups.

Image is copyright of Western Digital

Management Web Portal

Utilizing my skills in web programming (and a bunch of Googling), I've built a custom photography management system for organizing most of my photography operations.  I've been utilizing it for several years now and continue to enhance it as I find a feature that it is lacking.